Polycot is a web development and consulting company in Austin, Texas run by Jeff Kramer and a few of his friends.


At Polycot we focus on building neat new user experiences, but we also advise other companies on complex web projects. Sometimes more hands on design and development work is required and when we’re the best fit we’re happy to do that as well.


We believe in clever solutions to complex problems. We believe in simple, quick solutions that can evolve with users needs. We don’t believe in overbuilding but we believe that bad decisions can haunt you.

Sample Projects

The Digital Video Information Network – Hosting, code infrastructure, social media strategy, business processes development.

MindBites, Inc. – Hosting and scalability strategy, feature specification, contract Flash and Rails developer management.

Whole Foods Market – Hosting and scalability strategy.

CameraFly – End-to-end low budget development with contract resources.

Specialized Riders Club – Hosting management, Ruby on Rails development and external service integration.


We’re honored to work with the following folks:

Jon Lebkowsky – Social Media Maven
Matt Sanders – Programmer Architect
Ethan Burrow – Lightning Developer
Lisa Merry – Designer Deluxe

And many other exceptional talents in the past.


Polycot was started as Polycot Consulting in 2001 as a web development and consulting firm by Jon Lebkowsky, Matthew Sanders and Jeff Kramer. For 8 years they worked on a wide variety of political, green and innovative social projects from massively paralleled user-census systems to blogs, donation systems, CMSes, CRMs, hosted commercial media platforms and much more. An amiable split in 2008 left Jeff Kramer responsible for the custom development pieces of the company while Matt Sanders pursued his interests in medicine and Jon Lebkowsky focused more on social networking and emerging technologies.

The new iteration of the company, Polycot Labs, has focused more on developing in-house sites and products and specific consulting engagements and less on contract project development and hosting.